The essential oils and flower essences in the focus vibrational mist helps you with being present and aware, accessing left and right hemispheres of the brain, encouraging attention to detail, access to memory and the ability to achieve outcomes under pressure. Spray the focus mist to prepare your space for studying, and use the mist every half hour to keep the concentration levels high. Focus can also be helpful in the work environment to keep yourself motivated, focused and able to keep up with responsibilities. The mist also includes tea tree oil to protect the immune system while under stress.

"I am fully present in mind and body.
I am focused & can achieve
anything I choose to do."

Authentic Wisdom Flower Essences:

  • Dwarf Kurrajong: Develops the third eye and gives access to intuition and awareness of the present moment.
  • Bird of Paradise: Encourages intuition, insight & improvement of cognitive function. Provides psychic protection while enhancing connection to other realms.
  • Black-Eyed Susan: Cleansing and Releasing, Grounding, Vitality, Expressiveness and Integration.
  • Goodenia rotundifolia: Supports cognitive function. Calms the mind.
  • Dogwood: Expansive. Dispels negative energy and provides clarity

Ahimsa Essential Oils:

  • Cedarwood: Brings spiritual strength, allows connection and grounding. Calms anxiety and reduces fear
  • Clary Sage: calming to the nervous system, particularly in cases of depression, stress, insomnia and deep seated tension
  • Lemon myrtle: Uplifting and refreshing, anti-depressant, calming, purifies the air, brings clarity and strength of spirit.
  • Lime: Uplifting & improves concentration, calms anxiety, relieves stress, irritation & worry, grounding and centring, cleanses aura & reduces negativity.
  • Peppermint: Uplifting and invigorating, great during times of mental fatigue and stress, relieves anxiety and depression.
  • Rosemary: clears the mind, brings mental awareness and improves memory. Relieves stress and depression.
  • Tea Tree: powerful immune system stimulant, antimicrobial and antiseptic.
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