NEW book by Dr John Ryan and Jeanie Ryan (SIGNED COPY!)

This book will become your trusted companion guiding you and those you care for to live a healthy life with vitality and longevity. 

Sometimes life throws a curly ball pass and your health may take an unexpected turn for the worst. Genetics does, and always will, have a hand in your fate. But it is only one factor. There are others, and this book aims to provide some insight into how you can get through some difficult health issues by taking what’s best from modern and ancient medicine. Telling you to eat wisely, stay active, get enough sleep and de-stress is not enough. As critical as those lifestyle changes are, a good understanding of your specific problem and an insight into the required healing process is essential.

Dr John and Jeanie always advise to work with health professionals to get your body the best it can be. With this book, they give you the knowledge and tools to help you make that partnership work. See the links between different health problems and how to avoid any steep and slippery slope from one to another. Learn how some people fall between the cracks of the current health system and how not to become one of them. Through this book, you will gain a wider knowledge so you have better control over your health. When you have options, you have hope—and hope is a very important key to healing.


About the Authors:

Dr John RyanJohn has special interests and qualifications in general medicine and nutrition, children’s diseases and acupuncture. He has always understood the importance of drugs and surgery as well as having a passion for nutrition. He has been an advisor to the Australian Government (TGA) on the safety and efficacy of complementary medicine and for years he has been on the Board of the Australian College of Natural Medicine

Jeanie Ryan - Nurse, Midwife and Dietitian, Jeanie studied herbal medicine at the same time she studied for her B, Sc Nutrition. She is a champion to those with special diets and allergies, autism, diabetes or gut complaints to name a few. The nitty gritty of special diets can be a mind-field in a busy household. Being from a family of eight she knows a thing or two about managing meals on the run.

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