This exceptionally well-illustrated guide to the location and properties of acupuncture points has been fully revised and updated, and now includes all the channel points.

An understanding of acupoints is vital not only for acupuncturists but also for bodyworkers.

This user-friendly manual contains current, comprehensive information that is equally useful for physiotherapists, orthopaedic, medical, and paramedical professionals. It also gives special emphasis on how shiatsu and tui na therapists can best utilize point knowledge in their practice. In keeping with convention, the authors give the precise anatomical location of each point and illustrate it with a dot, along with alternative locations where relevant.

However, the book goes further by delineating the larger area where the point can be activated by pressure, guasha, and other means.

In addition, it explains the optimum physical position for treatment via acupuncture, acupressure, and other strategies, as treatment positions can vary according to the method of point stimulation and desired result.

The book also documents the distribution of sensation resulting from point stimulation, and differentiates between pressure and needle application where appropriate:

  • All channel points included
  • Beautiful auricular acupuncture chart
  • Detailed index with more than 10,000 entries which includes symptoms, conditions, and Chinese syndromes
  • New protocols and points selection appendices
  • Chinese medical and general index
  • Anatomy index which includes muscles, bones, blood vessels, and nerves
  • New techniques added

 A Practical Guide to Acupoints presents a wealth of carefully researched information equally valuable for professionals, students, and conscientious practitioners, making this the most complete practical guide to acupoints ever produced.
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