Hailing from Brooklyn, Eccolo is a creator of journals, notepads and other stationery items. Rather than recording everything using our devices they want us to get back to basics and physically take notes with a pen and pad. Aside from it being more exciting to do it that way, you're also more likely to retain information and only write down what truly matters when you choose to write rather than type.

The World Traveler Journal features soft back covers so the notes you do take will be protected. The front cover displays a dashing black background with, "All you need is love," in big block white type.

The pages have a slightly worn yellow tint to them and are all lined so when you take notes from now on you'll have an absolute blast.

World Traveler Journal All You Need is Love features:

  • Designed in the UK.
  • Created as part of the World Traveler collection.
  • Flexible cover.
  • 256 lined pages.

Design: All you need is love.
Dimensions: 12.5cm (w) x 1.5cm (d) x 17cm (h).

SKU: 201651

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