Australian Medicinal Plants is an essential guide and invaluable resource for all those interested in herbal medicine, Aboriginal culture and Australian flora. Plants have been used for medicinal purposes since earliest recorded history and Australia's varied flora provided Aboriginal people with medicines. With the arrival of Europeans much of this knowledge was overtaken by modern drugs and techniques but today there is a revival of interest in traditional medicines. Australian Medicinal Plants covers the Aboriginal use of native plants and explains how the first settlers learned from the Aborigines their medicinal values.

There is information on nearly 500 individual plants, how they were used, what their known pharmacological constituents are, where to find them and how to prepare remedies. The species are helpfully arranged in chapters according to their use: for fevers, painkillers, antiseptics and digestive disorders for instance. - many hundreds of species covered in detail - colour photographs of many species enabling quick and easy identification - where to find particular species - how to prepare them for medicinal use - interesting historical facts on the Aboriginal uses.

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