The purpose of the book is to give everyone an opportunity to experience the benefits of using the Bach Flowers. It provides an introduction for the novice and a clarification for more experienced users of Bach Flowers.

It is divided into sections:

  • About the Bach Flowers: An introduction for the novice and a clarification for more experienced users of Bach Flowers.
  • Bach Flowers: Agrimony – Willow: gives a general description of the type of person who responds best to the Bach Flower under discussion. Internal subheadings for individual Bach Flowers have been arranged for quick and accurate assessment, as follows:
    • Possible Physical Imbalances: physical problems encountered most commonly in those who have responded well to the Bach Flower under discussion.
    • Classical Uses :a group of specific situations in which the Bach Flower may be useful.
    • Complementary Bach Flowers: other Bach Flowers often found to be appropriate for use in conjunction with the Bach Flower being discussed.
    • Supportive Measures: explores ways (activities & therapies) of enhancing and supporting the healing action of the Bach Flower.
  • Rescue Remedy: In the early 1930s Dr Edward Bach, a successful and prominent British physician, realised that emotional and mental factors predisposed most of his patients to the physical ailments from which they suffered. Dr Bach felt moved to help his patients in a more profound way than was possible with the conventional treatments available to him at the time. Accordingly, he developed a healing system that could positively influence people on the subtle levels at which illnesses arise. Over a number of years he put his sensitivity and scientific training into action to collaborate with nature, and so developed his world-renowned thirty-eight Bach Flower Remedies. (Dr Bach selected five of these remedies to make up the well-known composite mix he called Rescue Remedy.)
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