The term “bone broth” meets with a range of responses, from enthusiasm to derision. Could it be the magical elixir we’ve all been searching for? The New York Times has said that bone broth ranks “with green juice and coconut water as the next magic potion in the eternal quest for perfect health.” Apart from being a delicious, comforting drink, bone broth is said to help heal a leaky gut, improve your skin, help you get a good night’s sleep and ease aches and pains.

But bone broth is neither new nor faddish, with a history dating back to ancient times, and most cultures appreciating the health benefits and taste of slow-cooked broth. You can sip bone broth by the cup or discover new ways to incorporate it in your cooking with delicious and nutritious recipes for soups, noodle, lentil and rice dishes. The Bone Broth Bible has everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of this health and comfort food at home.

The Bone Broth Bible is an introduction to the benefits of bone broth (a potent medicinal food) and how to incorporate bone broth into your daily diet with basic recipes. Bone Broth not only promotes good health and longevity but also has a specific therapeutic application in the treatment of various health conditions. Bone Broth provides an array of nutrients essential for health glucosamine and chondroitin for bone & joint health; natural gelatin for digestive health; nutrients to help combat stress and nervous tension; amino acids that have anti-inflammatory and liver-protective action and also promote soft tissue, collagen and cartilage repair. Bone Broth has long been known too for its potent gut healing properties making it invaluable in the treatment of digestive disorders and other health problems directly associated with gut health, such as immune function, autoimmunity and skin problems.

Author Emma Ellice-Flint is a graduate of Endeavour College of Natural Health.

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