This is one of Chinese-English Bilingual Textbooks for ""Eleventh Five-year"" Planed by the Ministry of Health of P. R. C.Health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine is a practical subject for studying and explaining the basic theories, approaches and application for the laws of generation and development of life, diseases prevention, constitution promotion and extending one's life.

Along with the progress of researches in life science and social development, this unique subject in TCM more and more demonstrates its practical value and significance of pervasion. Under direct guidance of the Ministry of Education of P. R. C. and the Ministry of Health of P. R. C., this textbook was written by professors and experts organised by National Academy of Medical Textbook of Higher Education, in order to enhance the quality of talents in TCM, to adapt the needs of social development and to conform transformation of modem medical mode.This book is applicable as the textbook of a required course for foreign students studying TCM in China. It is also suitable to be the textbook of one elective course for undergraduate and postgraduate students in the majors such as TCM and integrated Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine.

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