The information contained within the Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy: A Comprehensive Clinical Text has currently been tripled and reformatted into five exciting new textbooks. The five new Medical Qigong textbooks are composed of both modern and ancient knowledge, graphics, and expanded techniques guaranteed to fascinate and intrigue the reader. Never before in the history of Chinese Medicine has a textbook series been made available to the public that includes such comprehensive and thorough understandings on ancient Chinese energetic healing techniques. Written by an internationally recognized Grand Master of Martial, Medical, and Spiritual Qigong training, this five textbook series (often referred to as the "Medical Qigong Encyclopedia") provides the first complete explanation of ancient Chinese esoteric theory that has for centuries eluded and confounded the West.

This third textbook includes a thorough understanding of the ancient metaphysical theories of Chinese energetic medicine, including Qi diagnosis, materializing and dematerializing energy, discovering and removing energetic cords, long distance scanning (moving clairvoyance), breath incantations (mantras) and medical talismans, hand seals (mudras), the ancient Daoist use of the magic mirror, advanced energy cultivation and Qi emission techniques, vibrating palm cultivation techniques, and other practical clinical applications of energetic medicine.


The featured highlights of this clinical textbook include: - Introduction To Differential Diagnosis - Clinical Examination and Diagnosis - Establishing the Medical Qigong Clinic - Principles and Parameters of Energetic Therapy - Balancing the Body's Energetic System - Other Healing Modalities - Healing Emotional Traumas - Precautions and Ethical Considerations - Qi Massage and Tissue Regulation - Qi Extension, Vibration and Advanced Emission Techniques - Sound and Color Projection - The "Invisible Needle" Theory & Application

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