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Luke Hines and Scott Gooding, everyone's favourite personal trainers from MY KITCHEN RULES and now bestselling authors of CLEAN LIVING and CLEAN LIVING COOKBOOK, are back to show you how easy it can be to live clean in today's busy world. Let Luke and Scott show you how to fit functional exercise and healthy paleo meals into your busy schedule. CLEAN LIVING QUICK & EASY gives even the most time-poor among us all the tools necessary to look after your most important asset - your health. With 30-minute work-outs that anyone can do anywhere - be it in the office on your lunch break, in your living room or at the park down the road - and delicious paleo recipes that everyone can cook and is guaranteed to love, there is no excuse not to be the best that you can be. Give your life a CLEAN LIVING makeover now with CLEAN LIVING QUICK & EASY.

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