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The new fourth edition of this popular handbook has been revised and updated to equip contemporary students with the written and oral communication guidelines they need to succeed at university and beyond.
Suitable for use across all disciplines, the handbook provides successful approaches to researching, writing and referencing, along with a wealth of examples and practical tips for preparing and presenting oral reports, essays and assignments. 
The internet and social media are now tightly interwoven into modern communication and, as such, play a key role in education, business and recruitment. Therefore, specific information relating to the usage of ePortfolios, Wikis and Weblogs for assessment; the role of Turnitin and Wikipedia; and techniques for determining the quality of on-line sources has been included. Techniques for using social media effectively in the job application process are also discussed.
• consistent guidelines for students of all subject disciplines to use across all of their university studies 
• a clear outline of the minimum requirements for formal presentation of written and oral work
• an easy way for university lecturers to apply a consistent approach in the assessment of students’ formal work, irrespective of department, course or level of study
• a clear demonstration to students that good communication skills play an integral role in their studies and will prove essential in their careers
• a concluding chapter dedicated to aiding students in their quest for employment, offering support to students beyond their degree.
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