Concordant Reference represents an extensive sifting and culling of the classical homeopathic materia medicas. Remedy source information has been corrected from the original texts. 1209 remedies are included with more proving symptoms from T.F. Allens Encyclopaedia to complement the mostly clinical information from Hering; Our lesser known remedies benefit most from Vermeulens work on Concordant Reference. Concordant Reference reflects recent changes in homeopathic techniques and scientific knowledge.

By improving the accuracy of the original material and adding scientific classification, Concordant Reference uses the classical materia medica to build a solid foundation for the modern practice of homeopathy.

Family Information on Plants, Animals, Fungi, Bacteria and Viruses. Each remedy is broken down into Generals, Mind, Dreams, Body sections, Modalities, Relations and Causation. Sections on Food and Drink, Heart, Limbs in General, Upper Limbs and Lower Limbs for easier reference.

Also, each section of the body is further divided into Sensations, Pain and Objective. Sections on Sensation, Mind and Dream reflect the recent developments in case taking, case analysis and prescribing that have shown to be so effective for today s homeopath.

Concordant Reference is a single-volume work of roughly 2,200 pages, beautifully printed and bound to last through years of clinical practice, study and reference. It is the first in Frans Vermeulens new "Reference Series.

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