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The much anticipated release of e.a.t is here! This book reaches far beyond the standard cookbook. e.a.t is a resource, a visual photographical feast containing nutritious, well-balanced and delicious recipes. e.a.t is designed by a Nutritionist with over a decade of clinical experience specialising in digestive health and recipe development.

The purpose of e.a.t is to educate you on the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ of healthy eating, as all too often we are told ​’what’ to eat without fundamentally understanding why.
Split into two parts, the book begins with an educational section covering realistic, balanced eating including what healthy eating involves, understanding macronutrients and everyday pantry staples. e.a.t then shows you how to put this into everyday practice, with a collection of whole food recipes.

The recipes within e.a.t are not the typical stream of wellness smoothies and chia puddings. These recipes are tried and tested by a foodie, for foodies. e.a.t’s chief focus is to highlight exactly what balanced eating is, in a world saturated with the opinions of wellness bloggers and celebrity chefs. e.a.t teaches you how balanced eating can be simply executed in a tasty and exciting way, whilst providing straightforward recipes to suit the growing demand for food intolerances.

e.a.t will become your ‘go to’ book that you pull out time and time again for trusted guidance and mouthwatering recipes that will leave you truly nourished.

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