In The Essential Cleanse, widely celebrated Naturopath and Nutritionist Kate Reardon shares the secrets and science behind mind, body and soul cleansing for total vibrant health.

Following the 21 day journey, which has brought phenomenal results to Kate's private clients, you will:

  • Completely clean and rebalance your digestive system
  • Heal and activate your major organs
  • Learn what foods serve to repair and regenerate your body
  • Create and restore rituals and peaceful practices
  • Learn how to tune into your body's healing wisdom
  • Cultivate self-love and self-worth
  • Restore your body's natural healing ability
  • Learn essential tools to deal with overwhelm and stress
  • Connect into the deepest part of who you are
  • Discover your true purpose and cultivate inner harmony
  • Weaving personal stories with expert guidance, you are invited to walk the journey that will purify and restore your body, mind and spirit.

The Essential Cleanse provides you with more than a day-to-day health program - it's a love letter of essential wisdom.

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