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The first volume of the experience of medicine which includes three Homeopathic provings from the students of Nature Care College in Sydney. Gray looks at the Moreton Bay Fig, the White Tailed spider and the Box Jellyfish. Each contains a comprehensive introduction, chronology of the major provers, a materia medica style schema of the provers from Mind to Generals, and an exhaustive list of rubrics. Its the perfect complement to Alastair's articles on these remedies in various homeopathic journals around the world.

“This is a thoughtful, fresh approach to proving three new Australian remedies. The author accommodates the different proving methodologies with balance and equanimity.”
– Jon Gamble BA ND ADV DIP HOM, Registrar, Australian Register of Homeopaths
“In addition to adding three unique medicines to our materia medica, Alastair has thoughtfully structured his work to enhance and progress our understanding of what is useful in the provings themselves.”
– Peter Tumminello
“what has always impressed me about Alastair is his dedication and commitment to excellence. His teaching has never been less than magnetic. I have seen Alastair at work and at play. When he does something, he does it with his whole presence and that is the quality you will find in his provings.”
– Dr. Suriya Osman

Alastair C. Gray heads up the homeopathy department at Endeavour College of Natural Health in Australia. He presents regular seminars at Kuala Lumpur, Toronto, Boulder, San Francisco, Galway in Ireland, Preston and Nottingham in England and Bangkok. He continues to teach the residential Fusion sessions, a post-graduate program in natural medicine, offered in New Zealand, Australia and online. In addition, Alastair runs a general natural medicine practice in the inner west and east of Sydney, Australia. Clinical practice remains a significant feature of his work with a focus in the treatment of anxiety, depression, addiction and men’s health. He has published four books and numerous articles on provings including Kauri, Moreton bay fig, Tea tree, Waratah, Tar tree, Liquorice, Cactus, Kowhai, Tuberculinum, Bacilinum, Mosquito, Cockroach, Toad, Seahorse, Pearl, Irukandjii, Medusa, Box jellyfish and White tailed spider.

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