This textbook consists of two parts: Part One and part Two. Part One, mainly introduces the basic knowledge of Formulas of TCM including formulas and therapies, composition of formulas, compatibility and forms of formulas, decocting methods and administration. Part Two chiefly introduces 20 categories of formulas classified according to their therapies and actions, including exterior-relieving, purgative, meditative, heat-clearing, interior-warming and tonic formulas.

The selected formulas in this book include five items including ingredients, administration, actions, indications, analysis of the syndrome and treatment, explanation of formula and clinical application. The textbook contains basic formulas, representative formulas and commonly used formulas, altogether, amounting to 319 formulas.

Of the 319 formulas, 190 formulas are regular ones and 129 formulas are supplementary ones. At the end of the book, there is "Index of names of formulas"The compilation and translation of the textbook are all finished by the textbook compiling and translating committee. The editor-in-chief is responsible for inspecting the Chinese transcript, and the translator-in-chief is responsible for the English transcript. During the compilation, Du Guangli and Chen Shaoli in Shanghai University of Chinese Medicine have contributed a lot in the proofreading, systemizing the textbook, and compiling the contents and indexes.

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