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Eating wholesome healthy food is one thing, but not many people realize how hormones could be affected by what you eat and by making dietary changes to "balance your hormones" for both males and females. If you have unbalanced hormones, it can affect everyone around you, your partner, children, friends and work colleagues, as well as yourself.

Would you like to have balanced hormones and a balanced body? Wake up feeling great more often? Sleep soundly through the night? Feel more emotionally balanced? By shifting the balance of foods you eat daily, you can begin to bring about change in your hormones, helping to relieve any of the symptoms you may experience.

The Happy Hormone Cookbook discusses the best foods to eat, easy-to-make recipes to share, including the ideal breakfast and includes sweet treats that will help nourish your body. By following these recipes both males and females alike will notice the positive differences balancing hormones can change their life for the better.

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