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The menstrual cycle isn't only influenced by hormones. Nutritional, lifestyle, environmental, emotional and spiritual factors can all re-balance or imbalance the immune system's inflammatory responses, leading to smooth sailing or stormy weather throughout the month. So how are complaints such as period pain and PMS linked to inflammation, and how can we tame them?

It's not all about hormones. Most women struggle with menstrual problems such as period pain and PMS at some point in their lives, and many do not find sufficient relief by focusing solely on hormonal balance or covering up the symptoms. Often, the primary cause is inflammation, which not only affects menstruation, but has far-reaching effects on your overall health.

This book is for women who, as I once did, wonder what they’re missing when it comes to achieving optimal health and a menstrual cycle that won’t hold them back. It’s also for women who know that they deserve better than to “put up with it” every month, whether it be as patient or carer. You may be reading it for yourself, a loved one, or because you want to pursue a career in holistic health, or all of the above.

Twenty cents (AUD) from each ebook sold will go to Room to Read, as I am passionate about ending poverty and advancing gender equality.

About the Author:

I am Alexandra Preston, a naturopath from the Gold Coast. I have always been passionate about health and science, but as I was growing up, I noticed the common result of solely relying on conventional symptomatic relief. I could see that so many were stuck in an endless loop or downward spiral, and soon learnt of the power of holistic modalities. Now, my path in life is to help others on their journey to optimal health. 


In 2019, I published my book Infla-Menses,

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