This book is the essential reference for naturopathic hydrotherapy written by 2 pioneering naturopathic physicians, Wade Boyle and Andre Saine. The techniques are based on Dr. O. G. Carroll's constitutional hydrotherapy treatments and adhere to the basic principles & philosophy of hydrotherapy.Lectures in Naturopathic Hydrotherapy is divided into three sections:

Basic Principles- 10 lectures,

Demonstrations- 16 lectures, and

Constitutional Approach- 10 lectures.

A bibliography and index are also included.

Topics covered include:

  • Philosophy of Naturopathic Hydrotherapy
  • Manipulation of circulation by hot and cold
  • Fever and Naturopathic Hydrotherapy Sitz bath Enemas Salt glow
  • Healing crisis Management of acute and chronic disease
  • Hydrotherapy and nutrition, botanical medicine, and electrotherapy

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