This kit contains seven 5mL limited edition chakra essential oil blends made from some of the most precious and rare, finest quality aromatherapy-grade essential oils in the world.

Base chakra blend

Base chakra blend includes the warm, earthy-woody scent of buddha wood; the warm, powerful scent of labdanum; and the luscious, earthy-mossy scent of oakmoss absolute to promote a grounding sense of comfort and security.

Base chakra blend is a unique synergy of Buddha wood, labdanum, myrrh, patchouli, oakmoss absolute, sweet orange, Santalum spicatum and vetiver.

Sacral chakra blend

Sacral chakra blend includes the stunning, floral scent of mogra absolute; the delightful, spicy scent of coriander seed; and sweet orange to support a sense of euphoria and enhance our sensuality and creativity.

Sacral chakra blend is a unique synergy of coriander seed, mogra absolute, sweet orange, Santalum album and ylang ylang.

Solar plexus chakra blend

Solar plexus chakra blend includes the rare, sacred white frankincense; and fortifying, warm, spicy scent of cinnamon bark, black pepper and ginger to strengthen our courage, willpower and restore our self-confidence.

Solar Plexus chakra blend is a unique synergy of Atlas cedarwood, black pepper, cinnamon bark, coriander seed, white frankincense, ginger, lemon, black spruce, Santalum spicatum and Santalum album.

Heart chakra blend

Heart chakra blend includes the precious melissa and neroli, along with heavenly rose otto to comfort a wounded heart, promote compassion and joyful love.

Heart chakra blend is a unique synergy of bergamot, everlasting, lavender, melissa, neroli, sweet orange, rose otto and Santalum spicatum.

Throat chakra blend

Throat chakra blend includes the sweet, herbaceous blue tansy with the unique, harmonising qualities of yarrow to promote clear and confident communication, allowing us to express our creativity and true emotions.

Throat chakra blend is a unique synergy of geranium, pink grapefruit, Santalum album, spearmint, blue tansy and yarrow.

Third eye chakra blend

Third eye chakra blend includes the unique, herbaceous everlasting with insightful qualities of frankincense and euphoric clary sage to activate our intuition. It promotes mental clarity to help with decision-making and reunites our conscious and subconscious mind.

Third eye chakra blend is a unique synergy of bay laurel, clary sage, cypress, everlasting, frankincense, lemon, petitgrain, rosemary, sage and Santalum album.

Crown chakra blend

Crown chakra blend includes the most sacred and precious oils in the world: pink lotus and 1,000-year-old yakusugi, which strengthens our connection to the divine, promotes spiritual growth and helps us integrate spirituality into everyday life.

Crown chakra blend is a unique synergy of Atlas cedarwood, Roman chamomile, white frankincense, lavender, cold-pressed lime, pink lotus, neroli, Santalum album, Santalum spicatum, black spruce and yakusugi.


How to use:

Add these pure essential oil blends to your vaporiser.  To use in a massage, add 2 drops to every 10mL of a base oil. To use in the bath, add 4 drops to a warm bath.



Base chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: sweet orange, buddha wood, patchouli, labdanum, myrrh, vetiver, Australian sandalwood, oakmoss absolute.

Sacral chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: sweet orange, ylang ylang, coriander seed, sandalwood, mogra absolute.

Solar plexus chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: lemon, white frankincense, Atlas cedarwood, black pepper, Australian sandalwood, ginger, coriander seed, sandalwood, black spruce, cinnamon bark.

Heart chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: bergamot, lavender, rose otto, Australian sandalwood, melissa, sweet orange, everlasting, neroli.

Throat chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: pink grapefruit, spearmint, Bourbon geranium, yarrow, sandalwood, blue tansy.

Third eye chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: petitgrain, rosemary, frankincense, clary sage, sandalwood, sage, cypress,
lemon, everlasting, bay laurel.

Crown chakra blend 100% pure essential oils of: cold pressed lime, black spruce, white frankincense, sandalwood, lavender, Australian sandalwood, yakusugi, Atlas cedarwood, Roman chamomile, neroli, pink lotus.

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