MAP: Main Acupuncture Points is a practical manual for acupuncturists and students featuring point names, location, actions and indications. It is a 'map' of main acupuncture points.

This book is designed to be a practical point location book for clinicians and students. Around the size of a tablet, the book is spiral bound for convenient handling. Each page shows point locations on a real-life image with an accompanying point location description.

Each point named is given in pin yin along with its location details, actions and common indications. For clinical settings this is usually sufficient.

Showing point location details with a visual guide on the one page, avoids the need to flip back and forth through the pages of weighty reference books in a clinical situation.

Real life photos of different people are used in preference to diagrams as being more representational. The book is divided into chapters according to channels and includes reference diagrams for cun measurements as well as appendices for extra points.

This manual is referenced against a number of highly respected books in the field trying to ensure all points currently used today are included. Nomenclature is referenced to the WHO standard. All references used are cited.

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