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The In Focus series applies a modern approach to teaching the classic body, mind & spirit subjects through expert authors in their respective fields that feature relevant visual material to smartly and purposely illustrate key topics and use simple, easy-to-understand language to focus in on the important elements of each discipline.

With our lives a hectic combination of running to and from work, planning events, fulfilling family responsibilities, and building personal relationships, it is no surprise that from the first moment we wake up to late in the evening when we catch a moment to ourselves - if that is even possible - we are on overdrive for the better part of the day.
Add in the almost impossible task of keeping up with social media inundating every extra moment we may have, it's no wonder that we are a bunch of little stress balls waiting to explode, yearning for a meaningful spiritual reason that explains it all. Meditation (In Focus) breaks down all of the branches of meditation to teach readers how to dig deeper into themselves and untangle the threads of stressful living to give a clearer body and mind.
About the Author:
New York-based Wellfleet Press publishes illustrated reference books focusing primarily on well-crafted and researched home reference; entertainment; faith; and mind, body and spirit titles.
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