The ultimate Anatomy study aid. Used by both instructors and students this text can be used as an anatomy coloring book, contains thousands of fill in the blank questions and answers and allows to students to increase the level of testing difficulty as their knowledge grows. This is a book you can use for an introduction to anatomy class, clinical palpation, all the way through to advanced musculoskeletal clinical assessment and critical thinking. With the included transparency sheet, you can test and retest until concepts are fully understood. Instructors can simply photocopy pages and have instant quizzes with the answer key at the end of each chapter.

  • 800+ High Quality Images, 650+ Muscles
  • 214 Bones, 168 Ligaments
  • 124 Vessels, 76 Nerves (peripheral & cranial)
  • Origins, Insertions, Actions
  • Blood & Nerve supply
  • Palpation, Kinesiology
  • ROM Assessment

Author: Nikita Vizniak

SKU: 205259

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