The Neurodynamics Pack (textbook, DVD and handbook)

These rehabilitation resources complement each other and are suitable for any therapist involved in movement rehabilitation. The Sensitive Nervous System provides the most in depth information of Neurodynamics from peripheral and central viewpoints and the Neurodynamics Techniques DVD and Handbook richly illustrates this through both film and image.
This DVD is for the PAL region which covers most of Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania and has subtitles in Chinese Mandarin, Español, Italiano, Deutz Sch.

The Sensitive Nervous System

The Sensitive Nervous System updates and integrates the growing science of neurodynamics into current practise. Physical examination of the nervous system is carefully illustrated and explained, and management strategies are underpinned by cutting-edge neurobiology and evidence-based medicine.

Neurodynamic Techniques DVD & Handbook (PAL version)

Approx 110 mins running time, English + multi language subtitles (German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese-Mandarin)*.

David Butler presents the definitive manual of neurodynamic techniques for everyday use in the clinic. This book and accompanying DVD provides clear instructions on the assessment and treatment of physical health and sensitivity issues related to peripheral and central nervous system based pain presentations. Active and passive assessment and treatment strategies for all peripheral nerves, the spinal cord and meninges are demonstrated.

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