This is a new, accessible and engaging textbook written by academics who also work as consultants with organizations undergoing change. It offers a unique combination of rigorous theoretical exploration together with practical insights from working with those in the thick of it, managing change. It aims to offer both breadth and depth, helping you to navigate the landscape of change and, in order to do so, looks at organizational change from multiple perspectives rather than being firmly wedded to one. It is designed for upper level undergraduate and Masters level programmes (including MBAs). The authors tackle the key issues in this field, such as why change happens, what changes, and how change is achieved. The book takes a fresh approach to organizational change through a coherent, logical, yet challenging framework, helping you to appreciate and question both theory and practice. Each chapter has recent case studies and reflective exercises to illustrate key themes and encompasses the emotional and psychological dimensions of change, dealing with culture, politics, as well as reviewing a range of current change methodologies. Online Resource Centre: Student Resources: A range of resources for Exam Preparation MCQs - sets of 10 MCQs providing instant feedback and page references Flashcards - revision aid to test knowledge recall Resources for Essay writing and further research Weblinks Updated further reading including annual updates Glossary - searchable online glossary Lecturer Resources: Customizable PowerPoint slides All tables, figures and diagrams from the book will be available to lecturers who want to create their own slides Additional discussion points, hints and tips for using and delivering the cases, and outline answers to the end of chapter case studies
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