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High-quality edition on lightweight paper with supple, flexible binding. This classic manual, combining both Materia Medica and Repertory, has justifiably been the most popular homeopathic reference work in the world for decades. Within a single compact volume, it has offered unrivalled coverage, full yet concise, of a very wide range of remedies, including both polychrests and a substantial number of rare and lesser-known substances.This new edition is both the most comprehensive version of the book. It has also been revised and expanded to meet the needs of the modern homeopathic community.All the minor remedies originally mentioned either in the appendices or within the text for other remedies have been included in alphabetical order in the main Materia Medica section. They are clearly marked with an asterisk, enabling readers to locate this information quickly and easily for the first time. Valuable notes on remedy names and identities have been added, including modern botanical, zoological and chemical nomenclature and classification. A handy Remedy Index incorporates both scientific and common names, and a separate list of Plant Families offers a useful summary for relevant entries.

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