One of the most important steps we can take towards self-empowerment is to take responsibility for our nourishment. Recipes for Self-Healing gives us a set of tools to do this. With simplicity and elegance, this book conveys the wisdom and insights of Traditional Chinese Medicine and makes them both relevant and accessible to the modern-day Westerner. Recipes for Self-Healing includes over a hundred exhilarating recipes using familiar foods that reflect the cosmopolitan nature of Western cuisine. Its unique descriptions of each recipe's actions will enable readers to choose foods perfectly suited to their individual needs. Above all the author emphasises dissolving concepts of good and bad foods, the important of pleasure and listening to the wisdom of the body. Acclaim for Recipes for Self-Healing: 'A fabulous wealth of wisdom offered with clarity and wit. Daverick Leggett has written in a style that offers real understanding and insight into this fascinating approach to health and wellbeing.The recipes are lovely and make you want to get started right away! 'Recipes for Self-Healing' has wonderful accessible information for the intellect, tasty delicious food for the body and wit and levity for the spirit - the complete mind, body, spirit experience.' - Jane Sen , author of The Healing Foods Cookbook.

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