"You're not conscious unless you sleep"

A ground-breaking text by Dr Reza Samvat (Chiropractor) & leading Clinical Nutritionist Henry Osiecki

Sleep, Health & Consciousness – A Physician’s Guide extensively covers all aspects of sleep – from Consciousness & Dreaming to the impact of sleep on the Immune System. Comprehensively discussing common sleep disorders, it also offers practical nutritional recommendations.

An invaluable text containing comprehensive information on:

  • What happens during sleep, when & why?
  • Dreaming – Physiological aspects & Meaning of Dreams
  • Women & Sleep including: Pregnancy, Menopause & overall lifestyle
  • Sleep Disorders – from Infants to Adolescence
  • The Role of Sleep in the detoxification of the body
  • Sleep, Mediation & Hypnosis
  • The Influence of Drugs on Sleep

Sleep, Health & Consciousness – A Physician’s Guide:

  • Offers Practical Sleeping Protocols for Initiating Sleep & Specific Sleeping Protocols for common disorders such as Insomnia, Nightmares & Sleep Apnoea
  • Outlines numerous vital Exercise and Breathing Techniques to reduce the symptoms of sleep disorders
  • Discusses the effects of common diets on sleep & provides a comprehensive list of recommended herbs to improve sleep
  • Includes chiropractic approaches to sleep problems


Henry Osiecki is better known in the industry as an award-winning biochemist, who introduced a number of key nutrients to the Australian market, including CoQ10, Lipoic Acid, Acetyl-L-Carnitine and Glucosamine. He received the CMA’s Lady Cilento Award 2018, the industry's most prestigious accolade, for his outstanding contribution to the industry throughout his career.

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