Get gut relief-and fast-with 101 easy low FODMAP recipes

A diet low in FODMAPs-the carbohydrates that cause excess bloating and gas-can help soothe your gut and relieve symptoms of IBS and other gastric problems. The 30-Minute Low-FODMAP Cookbook shows you how to cook and eat to avoid these irritating carbs without sacrificing flavor or spending hours in the kitchen.

Every low FODMAP recipe in this collection can be made in 30 minutes or less, and only requires about 10 basic ingredients. If you suffer from gut issues, this diet can put you on the path to natural, long-term relief. It's easier (and tastier) than you think.

Learn what a FODMAP carbohydrate is and how avoiding them can help your digestion:

  • Built for success-Helpful charts, lists, and nutrition information make it simple to whip up quick and delicious meals that will satisfy even the most sensitive stomach.
  • What to choose, what to lose-Find out which delicious and gut-friendly foods to always keep on hand, and which to toss out.
  • IBS relief and beyond-Eating a low FODMAP diet can help with a wide range of different digestive issues and discomforts.

Discover how freedom from gastric distress is possible with a low FODMAP diet.

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