The Vision and Actions productivity planner is designed to set you up for success; no matter where you are in life now, and where you’re heading in the future. We provide you with all the tips, tools, activities and exercises plus advice and knowledge, to create big visions. Then, we supplement these visions with important daily practices so you can make all these dreams a reality.

About the Author:

Lisa Messenger has worked globally in conference and event management, PR, sponsorship, marketing and publishing.

She is the Managing Director of Messenger Marketing and Messenger Publishing. Never one to be constrained by traditions and conventions, her passion, imagination, creativity, energy and business flair have led her on many fun and outrageous adventures.

Thriving on challenges, smashing barriers and taking people beyond their comfort zone is what drives Lisa’s ‘nothing’s impossible’ approach. She is now using her unique marketing talents and innovative approach with entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and people all over the globe.

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