Extraordinary techniques to radiate energy, enhance the aura and harmonize the chakras

  1. Have you ever heard of chakra meditation and chakra harmony?
  2. Do you know the importance of inner balance and meditation?
  3. Do you feel exhausted, stressed? Do you sleep little and badly?

You must definitely try this guide, which will teach you to release the closed energy within you by resolving the chakras' obstructions, which can weaken you physically and emotionally!

In this book, you will learn:

  1. Because the chakras are important;
  2. What can block a chakra;
  3. The importance of inner balance and meditation;
  4. The different chakra points and their effects;
  5. All the advantages of meditation with the chakras and their harmonization;

Do good to your body and find the time and interest to get to know your chakras.

Chakras are important for the body's health and positively influence skin rashes, hypertension, diabetes, insomnia, ADHD, flu, exhaustion, weakness, overweight, and much more.

This guide contains tried and tested techniques and strategies that help you get into chakra meditation and teach you several ways to balance them in proper harmony.

It will also provide you with all the information on the different types of chakras and their effects.

Help content:

- What are the chakras really

- The chakra points and their influences

- Other benefits of inner balance and meditation

- Because the chakras are important for psychophysical well-being

- Different techniques to harmonize the chakras

- How to stay in mental and emotional health

- Additional meditation techniques


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